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look on the bright side

Trump cheers lower gas prices amid stock market plunge, downplays coronavirus fears again

When it comes to the novel coronavirus, President Trump is ever the optimist.

As the virus spreads throughout the U.S. and across the globe, stoking fears about physical and economic health (amplified by Monday's stock market plunge), Trump has maintained a mostly rosy outlook. He continued that Monday first by highlighting tumbling gas prices — spurred by Saudi Arabia's decision to slash oil exports by 10 percent over the weekend and crude oil falling more than 20 percent — which he said were "good for the consumer."

A few minutes later he complained about the economic ramifications of COVID-19, arguing that the flu affects and kills a lot more people than the new virus, but nothing shuts down.

Trump, for what it's worth, admitted he only recently learned people died from the flu. But he now seems to be running with the knowledge at full speed.