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the coroanvirus crisis

House sends $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill to Trump's desk

The House of Representatives passed a $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package, sending it to President Trump's desk.

The House on Friday approved the relief package responding to the coronavirus pandemic after the Senate took the same step. The bill, which includes stimulus checks for most Americans, was passed in a voice vote.

One lawmaker, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), tried to force a roll call vote rather than a unanimous voice vote on the bill. The House had been hoping to avoid asking members to unnecessarily travel and gather together in Washington amid the coronavirus pandemic, but was required to form a 216-member quorum to overrule Massie; "scores of lawmakers" had to "begrudgingly" return to the Capitol, The Washington Post writes.

Massie drew bipartisan criticism with this move. President Trump slammed him as a "third rate grandstander" and called for him to be kicked out of the Republican Party, while former Secretary of State John Kerry called him an "a--hole." Trump is expected to sign the stimulus bill, tweeting Friday that "workers and small businesses need money now in order to survive."