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It wasn't all bad

John Krasinski delivers some food-themed good news with celebrity chefs and Stanley Tucci

In the five weeks since he started Some Good News, John Krasinski has acquired a theme song and a devoted fan base that likes to send him craft art and recipes, both of which he showcased Sunday night. "In the past few weeks, we've delved into a segment called 'What Did I Miss?' But the truth is, the overriding thing we all miss is being together," he said. Also, restaurants, which are "not only some of the places that are being hit the hardest, they're some of the places where you can find the biggest heroes."

Krasinski mentioned the mobile kitchen work of Jose Andrés, of course, but also Guy Fieri, who created a fund for out-of-work restaurant employees. A self-professed terrible cook, Krasinski video-chatted with both the people who sent him some recipes for food and drink and celebrities who made the concoctions — Stanley Tucci on the cocktail; Fieri, Martha Stewart, and David Chang on the food. There are also some other feel-good stories and amusing photos of people taking out the trash.

Krasinski has previously virtually reunited the Hamilton cast for a young fan, hosted a virtual prom with some top-shelf musical guests, and welcomed back baseball, even if not in the U.S. "Remember, no matter how things get, there is always good in the world," Krasinski said.