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It's all right to cry

Watch CNN's Chris Cuomo laugh 'because I don't want to cry' over Trump's poll retraction demand

CNN's general counsel issued a formal reply to President Trump's campaign demanding CNN retract and apologize for a poll showing Trump trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by 14 points, with an approval rating of 38 percent, and you can read the entire rejection note yourself or watch Chris Cuomo read it on his show Wednesday night.

"To push back on the CNN poll, Trump hired one of the least accurate pollsters in the industry," Cuomo said. "And by the way, it's not like this was the only poll that suggests something like this," he added, listing some of the other polls that show "Biden well ahead of Trump." He read the letter from CNN, then tried to read a Trump tweet.

"Can you believe that we have to have these conversations?" Cuomo asked. "Literally, it would not make it through a screenplay treatment," he said, and started laughing. "Why am I laughing? Because I don't want to cry on television. ... It is so sick and sad and obvious."