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jesus of suburbia?

Trump attacks Biden's housing desegregation proposal as a plot to 'abolish our suburbs'

President Trump used some barely coded language to make former Vice President Joe Biden's fair housing plan seem like an attack on white Americans.

In a Thursday press conference, Trump used the White House as a backdrop for a campaign-like speech where he claimed "our entire economy and our very way of life are threatened by Biden's plans" to "subjugate our communities" to regulations. The Democrats "want to abolish our beautiful and successful suburbs" through zoning laws, Trump continued, which will then mean "your home will go down in value and crime rates will rapidly rise."

Trump's fear-mongering is referring to Biden's plans to desegregate housing and communities and ensure they all have equal access to community resources, and otherwise uphold and expand fair housing laws. Trump attacked one of those existing laws, an expansion of the Fair Housing Act, in his Thursday speech, saying some kind of changes to it were coming soon.

Also on Thursday, Trump rolled out some trucks in an attempt to create a massive metaphor about deregulation...

... and promised some new policies in the future about immigration, education, and health care.