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Trump zings Biden for not having a boat parade

Only one presidential candidate is getting a whole bunch of people to sail boats on his behalf.

That's right, while supporters of President Trump put together boat parades in his honor on his birthday and the Fourth of July, former Vice President Joe Biden hasn't had any big boat bashes to support his candidacy. And as far as Trump sees it, that's a symbol of electoral prowess that deserves to be rubbed in Biden's face.

Trump's campaign sent out a punnily titled campaign email on Friday, reading "NO BOAT PARADES: Enthusiasm for Joe Biden is Sinking." After all, "it's clear President Trump's voters will run through a brick wall to vote for him," the email reads, linking not to a video of a Trump supporter squaring up with some bricks, but to the Trump campaign's communication director on Fox News making the hyperbole. "Ain't nobody running through a brick wall to vote for Joe Bidenand he certainly won't be having a boat parade any time soon," the email finishes.

Unfortunately for Trump, a few thousand boaters turned voters won't make much of a splash on the electoral map.