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RNC 2020

Trump campaign adviser touts anti-Semitic conspiracy theory hours before now-canceled RNC speech

On the same day she was scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention, Mary Ann Mendoza, a mother whose child was killed by an undocumented immigrant who also serves on the Trump re-election campaign's advisory board, promoted an anti-Semitic Twitter thread composed by a QAnon conspiracy theorist. The RNC later pulled Mendoza's speech from Tuesday's schedule.

The thread endorsed by Mendoza consisted of numerous anti-Semitic posts, many of which were centered on a non-existent "Jewish plot to enslave the world," The Daily Beast reports. The tweets falsely claimed the Rothschild family created a plot to terrorize and destroy non-Jewish people. It also referred to "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," a fabricated anti-Semitic text first published in Russia in the early 20th century that later became a popular hoax about Jewish world domination in Nazi Germany.

Mendoza eventually deleted the tweet, claiming she didn't read the whole thread. But the damage was done. Tim O'Donnell