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Dolly Parton rewrites '9 to 5' to confusingly celebrate having a second job

Dolly Parton has rewritten her empowering labor anthem "9 to 5" … to celebrate the gig economy and working a second job.

The revamped song, called "5 to 9," plays in a Super Bowl ad spot for Squarespace directed by Oscar winner Damien Chazelle, and includes lyrics like, "Working 5 to 9/ You've got passion and a vision/ Cuz it's hustlin' time/ A whole new way to make a livin'."

Journalist David Sirota called the ad "the most dystopian ad I've ever seen," pointing out that "adding 5-9 to your 9-5 job means you're working 9-9 to try to survive." Critic Hilary Hughes agreed, tweeting that the new version — which proposes remedying being underpaid by taking on more work, and celebrates the endless grind of capitalism with primary colors and happy dancers — is "the antithesis of [the original] '9 to 5.'"