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A YouTuber allegedly held a cat named Betsy hostage during business negotiations


The latest drama out of the YouTube world involves a creator named Tim Pool, a popular "liberal reporter who became a Trump voter after feeling alienated from the modern left," according to The Daily Beast. Back in 2019, Emily Molli, cat mom to a feline named Betsy, helped Pool co-found a "news site/YouTube channel/news footage service" called Subverse (the name was later changed to SCNR).

Because Molli was traveling frequently for work, she left her cat, Betsy, in the care of one of the co-hosts of Pool's podcast, who ended up living with Pool in his mansion. But when business tensions flared last fall, Molli claims Pool used her cat as "leverage" in their negotiations:

When Molli tried to get her cat back by sending Pool an email offering to send people to pick him up at the house anyway and to pay for a veterinarian visit so the cat could be cleared to fly on an airplane, Pool referred her to his lawyer.

"Any correspondence must go through our attorney," Pool wrote on Feb. 22. "Please contact them I will not reply to further emails."

But Wylie Stecklow, a lawyer who had been asked to untangle the fight over SCNR's future, told Molli he wasn't handling the increasingly elaborate cat exchange.

"To the extent your question involves a cat or pet, I can affirmatively set forth that I am not representing anyone regarding a cat or pet," Stecklow wrote in a Feb. 22 email to Molli… [The Daily Beast]

Pool, meanwhile, denies he ever had custody of the cat. Thankfully, Betsy was eventually reunited with Molli, but you'll want to read the full, strange story at The Daily Beast, here.