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House Republican Lauren Boebert says Facebook 'will pay the price' after Trump ban upheld

Former President Donald Trump is still barred from Facebook for now, after the company's Oversight Board upheld a ban the platform implemented earlier this year. The ruling left room for Trump to return to the site in the coming months, but his allies and supporters are still livid and appear determined to bring down the social media giant once and for all.

Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk, for example, called on the Supreme Court to overturn the Oversight Board's decision. "This is a big tech, corporate oligarchy without standing and it's gone too far," he tweeted. "Enough is enough."

Trump's former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said it's a "sad day for America," but even sadder for Facebook, which he predicts will now be the subject of increased efforts from lawmakers aimed at breaking up the company. The "wild, wild west kind of regulatory environment" is "going to change," Meadows said on Fox News, adding that "the discussion will happen within hours" on Capitol Hill.

Sure enough, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) has already promised to take action. "Facebook will pay the price," she ominously warned in a now-deleted tweet that falsely claimed the company had "permanently banned" Trump. "Mark my words."