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The cast of Friends is back in Monica's NYC apartment in new reunion trailer

It's almost time to recline in your Barcalounger and tune in to the Friends reunion.

HBO Max released a full-length trailer on Wednesday, and the gang is reunited in Monica's apartment, playing the trivia game that ended in an apartment swap 23 years ago.

The trailer features shots on all of the iconic sets — Joey and Chandler's apartment, Central Perk, and in front of that fountain. Naturally, emotions are running high among cast members, hugs are aplenty, and host James Corden asks the quintessential question: Were Rachel and Ross on a break? The cast answers in a chorus of yeses and one naysaying chortle: "Bullsh--t."

The unscripted special, Friends: The Reunion, is available for streaming May 27 on HBO Max.