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Trump is attacking the U.S. women's soccer team again

Trump is picking a fight with Megan Rapinoe again.

Former President Donald Trump released one of his signature bizarre "statements" on Thursday, a rambling opinion released via his website and to the press in place of his old Twitter account — this time, he's complaining about the U.S. women's soccer team. 

The team earned a bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympics, beating out Australia on Thursday. Even though third place in the Olympic Games is unquestionably a major athletic achievement, Trump felt it necessary to assert that if the U.S. players were less "woke," they "would have won the gold medal."

Accusing "the woman with the purple hair" (Rapinoe) of playing "terribly," despite Rapinoe scoring two of the team's four goals against Australia, Trump insisted it was the "radical left politics" that brought the team down.

After Trump's previous criticism of Rapinoe, she sank two goals that led the U.S. national team to the World Cup semifinals, and a poll found that she would beat the ex-president in an election, so this may have just been Trump's half-hearted attempt at revenge.