The video: At times, the annual White House Correspondents' dinner on Saturday felt more like a roast of celebrity developer and possible 2012 presidential hopeful Donald Trump. The event's host, Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers, landed the most brutal punches, but President Obama got a few digs in at The Donald as well, targeting Trump's fixation with the "birther" conspiracy theory. (See video below.) Trump, who sat "stone-faced" or even visibly angry through much of the ribbing, later said he found some of the jokes, especially those from Meyers, "inappropriate." Was Trump fair game?
The reaction:
I usually hate this chummy access-journalism fest, says Taylor Marsh in her blog. "But it's hard for me to criticize it tonight, because what's not to love about Donald Trump getting some serious incoming for a change?" After his birther nonsense, he certainly deserved it. "You don’t punish Donald Trump by giving him attention," says Glenn Reynolds in Instapundit. The fact that Obama took the bait shows that Trump's unvarnished criticism has hurt him more than all the other GOP hopefuls combined. Secretly, Trump "had to be smirking at the attention." Watch the clip: