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Last Night on Late Night

Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers find the llama and milk crate challenge links to COVID-19

"Two members of Congress made an unauthorized trip to Afghanistan yesterday and stayed for less than 24 hours before leaving on a flight that was intended to be used to evacuate people from the country," Seth Meyers said on Wednesday's Late Night. "In their defense, that's just how Priceline booked their trip to Cincinnati."

"President Biden reportedly received a classified intelligence report yesterday that was inconclusive about the origins of the coronavirus — contradicting your uncle's report that AOC slept with a bat," Meyers joked. "According to a new study, antibodies from llamas may prevent infections from coronavirus, and of course now you can't find any llamas at Costco!"

As if doctors aren't busy enough with COVID-19, "they're now dealing with the latest online trend," the milk crate challenge, Jimmy Fallon said on The Tonight Show. "Half of Americans said, 'of course,' while the other half said, 'It's my choice and I want to do my own research.' Seriously, imagine surviving a global pandemic and then having your family find out it's the milk crate challenge is what got you."

In business news, Fallon said, "today OnlyFans decided to drop their plan to ban sexually explicit content. So between this and the new Spider-Man trailer, what a week for teenage boys!"

Jimmy Kimmel Live guest host Ru Paul offered some rules for unruly airline passengers, let audience members test out their drag-queen radar, and showed how to may the news a little bit gayer.