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Today is International No Diet Day


Full disclosure: Richard Blakeley, the author of This is Why You're Fat, used to be my boss, so there's a special place in my heart for diabetes-inducing foods. That said, I was excited to learn that today is International No Diet Day.

The holiday, though, isn't just about cookies and pizza — it was founded to promote body acceptance and health at any size. Those are great goals, and it's an important movement in the age of the obsession with thigh gaps and Photoshop madness.

But being healthy also means you get to indulge (sometimes!), and what better day to do so than with treats that embody the anti-diet? Here are a few ideas to help get the celebrating started. --Meghan DeMaria

1. KFC Double DownThis bread-free chicken sandwich is really having a moment right now — someone even got it tattooed on his arm.

2. Mac and CheesePretty much every variety is delicious, but if you want to get fancy, we've got six tips for upgrading your mac and cheese.


3. CronutIf hundreds of New Yorkers are willing to wait in line for this delicacy — despite knowing that the bakery that makes them had a mouse problem — they must be good, right?

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

4. PizzaYou really can't go wrong with pizza, whether it's the cinnamon, icing-covered variety or a classic New York slice. If you really want to get into the holiday spirit, try the Domino's Specialty Chicken, which uses fried chicken in place of a crust.


5. WonutThis fine waffle-donut hybrid was created at Waffles Cafe in Chicago. If you're not in the Midwest, Good Housekeeping has the recipe to make your own.