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John Oliver and Lisa Loeb eviscerate Oregon over its monumental ObamaCare fail


Consider this part of the Portlandia backlash? On John Oliver's inaugural episode of his HBO show Last Week Tonight, Oliver and delightful 1990s one-hit wonder Lisa Loeb tore into Oregon over its disastrous website's failure to enroll Oregonians in insurance plans as part of ObamaCare. As Oliver and Loeb note repeatedly, this was a big embarrassment for Oregon, and an expensive one. Although it may be a bit harsh for Loeb to call residents of the Beaver State "stupid Oregon idiots," I guess Oregon has made its bed and now it has to lie in it (or at least put a bird on it). Still, I'd have thought a Dallas native like Loeb would be a little more understanding about caricaturing an entire population based on a TV show. [Warning: Oliver drops one F-bomb — as is his right on HBO.] --Peter Weber