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Listen to Kristen Bell read the Veronica Mars audiobook

Veronica Mars/Facebook

Finished with the Veronica Mars movie, and unsure where to get your next fix? Series creator Rob Thomas has the perfect answer: The audiobook version of the new Veronica Mars novel The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, which is read by none other than Kristen Bell.

In an email to Veronica Mars' Kickstarter backers, Thomas teased that the novel — which takes place after the events of the movie — includes the return of "another important character from Veronica's life" who wasn't in the movie. He also revealed that Bell voices all the characters in the audiobook version, giving fans the chance to hear her version of characters like Weevil Navarro and Cliff McCormack.

If you'd rather read The Thousand Dollar Tan Line the old-fashioned way, it's officially available today. For everyone else, here's a sample of the audiobook. --Scott Meslow