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New Gallup poll finds Hillary Clinton top-rated 2016 candidate among women

Should Hillary Clinton decide to make a bid for the 2016 presidency, she should have strong support from female voters, according to a new Gallup Poll. The survey found that 56 percent of women have a favorable opinion of Clinton — the highest rating of any Democrat or Republican:

USA Today notes that a gender gap is par for the course in presidential elections, and Clinton has recently ramped up her gender equity and women's issues talking points in speeches. More promising for the presumptive candidate, the new poll finds her much farther out ahead than a similar survey taken a year before her 2008 campaign; in that one, Clinton had a 60 percent favorability rating with women, but that was matched by Rudy Giuliani, and other candidates such as Barack Obama and John McCain were much closer behind than the new poll's presumed 2016 candidates.