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A change of heart

Donald Trump plays nice with Ben Carson: 'I like him'

Donald Trump apparently got all of his Ben Carson digs out of his system before Tuesday night's Republican debate. While in the days leading up to the debate Trump slammed the retired neurosurgeon on everything from his tales about his violent past to his theory on pyramids actually being grain silos, the real estate mogul didn't have much bad to say about Carson during the event itself.

In fact, Trump went so easy on Carson that MSNBC's Morning Joe asked him why on Wednesday morning. Trump's explanation: "I don't want to be critical, I like him. Ben and I have gotten along well over the period of time. I've become friends with a lot of the people that are up there." And when host Joe Scarborough asked Trump whether he thought Carson was "qualified to be president," Trump's only comment was "that's not for me to say."

Just last week, Trump was firing off tweets like these about Carson:

Talk about a change of heart. Watch Trump's full comments on Carson below. Becca Stanek