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Trump's tribute to Trump

Donald Trump boasts about winning with everybody: 'Tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people.'

In case you missed it, Donald Trump wants you to know that he won Saturday's South Carolina Republican presidential primary. And, as he told a crowd in Atlanta Sunday night, he didn't just win — he "won with everything":

"We won with women; I love the women. We won with men. I'd rather win with women, to be honest, but that's OK. We won with evangelicals, like unbelievable. We won with the military," Trump said at a rally in Atlanta. "We won with everything. We won with highly educated, pretty well educated, and poorly educated. But we won with everything. Tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. Just won." [The Hill]

Trump came in first in South Carolina with nearly a third of the vote, marking his second big win on the trail after a victory in New Hampshire earlier this month. In fact, the only time this election Trump hasn't "won with everything" was in Iowa, where he finished in second.

Just let that all sink in for a minute.