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Feb. 25 GOP Debate

Donald Trump to Ted Cruz: 'You don't get along with anybody'

Donald Trump didn't spare Ted Cruz's feelings during the CNN Republican debate on Thursday night, telling him he should be "ashamed" of the fact that none of his fellow senators have endorsed him in the presidential race.

Trump said that in order to be a successful businessman, he's had to forge "amazing" relationships with Democrats and Republicans. "I get along with everybody," he told Cruz. "You get along with nobody." Trump said that Cruz works with Republicans every day "although you skip a lot of time," and yet he doesn't have "the endorsement of one Republican senator. You should be ashamed of yourself."

Cruz tried to spin Trump's words to his advantage, replying that he doesn't even want to be liked by his co-workers. "When you stand up to Washington, when you honor the promise you made to the men and women who elected you and say enough with the corruption, enough with the cronyism, let's actually stand for the working men and women of this country, Washington doesn't like it. Donald, if you want to be liked in Washington, that's not a good attribute for a president."