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Super Tuesday 2016

Carson campaign admits it doesn't 'have a well-defined path to victory'

For Ben Carson, Super Tuesday may well just be Another Average Day. That's because, in an interview with The Washington Examiner Tuesday, Carson campaign chairman Bob Dees admitted that at this point, Team Carson doesn't really have a plan to win the GOP nomination.

"We clearly don't know," Dees said about whether there's a clear lane for Carson in the race. "We don't have a well-defined path to victory." The current plan, Dees said, is to hope people "wake up and regain their senses and start doing the right thing" — where, presumably, the right thing is to vote for Carson.

Meanwhile, Carson himself appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe Tuesday morning and admitted "of course" he'd been asked to leave the race, but dismissed those suggestions as "politics as usual." Instead, he reaffirmed that he'd be staying in the contest, saying, "I'm in here because the people asked me to be here."