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This man live-tweeted a Donald Trump rally and it's extremely scary

Georgia Southern University professor Jared Yates Sexton attended Donald Trump's Greensboro, North Carolina, rally on Tuesday night only to end up live tweeting the entire event — and what he witnessed in the crowd was pretty terrifying:

In addition to misogynistic slurs about Hillary Clinton, Sexton reported hearing crowd members yell everything from "gays had it coming," in reference to the massacre of 49 people in Orlando, and "kill them all" when Trump referenced revoking The Washington Post's press credentials.

However, it wasn't over once Trump exited the stage. The chaos spilled onto the street, too, with Trump supporters throwing broken bottles at cars, shouting "Trump" at a car being towed, and flipping off homeless people in the vicinity. The entire chilling account is fully documented at Storify — and you can read it all here.