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Body-cam footage shows Georgia cops tased the wrong man within 38 seconds of meeting him

When several Savannah, Georgia, cops approached 24-year-old Patrick Mumford, they were looking for another African-American man named Michael Clay. And though Mumford identified himself as "Patrick" when asked for his name, body camera footage from the officers involved shows just 38 seconds elapsed from the beginning of the encounter to when one officer says to another, "All right, tase him!"

While Mumford is seen expressing confusion and refusing to stand up to be arrested, he is not armed or actively attacking the police. He is also correct in his protest that there is no warrant against him, a claim he could confidently make because he had just returned from visiting his probation officer. (He is on probation following a first-time arrest for a nonviolent marijuana offense.)

After the officers tase Mumford twice, they check his wallet and discover he was telling the truth about his identity. Though the police begin insisting their actions were predicated by Mumford's refusal to show his ID, the footage indicates they never asked for it before attacking him.

Mumford was charged with misdemeanor obstruction following this confrontation. Though that charge was dismissed, he is still scheduled for a probation revocation hearing which his attorney says could cause him to go to jail, lose his job, and miss college classes.