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Ivanka Trump and Barack Obama are about to be neighbors

When President Obama moves out of the White House, he'll reportedly be moving in almost next door to President-elect Donald Trump's daughter. The Washingtonian reported Tuesday that Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner have "completed a deal" for a house in Washington, D.C.'s Kalorama neighborhood — and it's less than two blocks away from the house the Obamas have purchased to live in post-presidency.

Though Washington Fine Properties, the brokerage behind Kushner and Trump's deal, wouldn't dish on the details, multiple real estate insiders told The Washingtonian that the house is a sprawling six bedroom on Tracy Place. The home sold for $5.5 million on Dec. 22, though it's unclear if Trump and Kushner were the buyers or if they will be renting from that buyer.

Block party, anyone?