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Jerusalem truck attack kills 4 IDF soldiers and injures 15

Four Israel Defense Force cadets were killed and 15 wounded, one critically, by a truck ramming attack in Jerusalem Sunday morning. The industrial truck was driven by a Palestinian terrorist, Israeli police say, who was killed by soldiers and a tour guide who was on the scene. The name of the attacker has not been released, but he is reportedly from East Jerusalem. The vehicle may have been stolen.

"In a fraction of a second during which I was speaking with one of the officers, I saw the truck plowing into us," said Eitan Rod, the tour guide. "After a few rolls on the grass I saw the truck start to reverse and then I already understood that this was not an accident. I felt that my pistol was still on me, so I ran up to him and started emptying my clip. He went in reverse and again drove over the injured."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday "all signs point to the attacker being an Islamic State supporter."

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