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National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is reportedly getting on Trump's nerves

The promotion of White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon to a permanent position on the principals committee of the National Security Council on Sunday gave him the same standing as diminished National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. "People close to Mr. Bannon said he is not accumulating power for power's sake, but is instead helping to fill a staff leadership vacuum created, in part, by Mr. Flynn's stumbling performance as national security adviser," The New York Times writes.

For one, Flynn is reportedly getting on the president's nerves:

Mr. Flynn's penchant for talking too much was on display on Friday in a meeting with Theresa May, the British prime minister, according to two people with direct knowledge of the events.

When Mrs. May said that she understood wanting a dialogue with Mr. Putin but stressed the need to be careful, Mr. Trump asked Mr. Flynn when the two were scheduled to speak.

Mr. Flynn replied it was Saturday — he had delayed it to fit in Mrs. May’s meeting for "protocol" as a United States ally, adding at length that Mr. Putin was impatient to chat.

Mr. Trump, the person said, appeared irritated by the response. [The New York Times]

Then there is Flynn's son, who promoted on social media false rumors that the Clintons ran a child sex ring out of a pizza restaurant. He isn't much helping matters either; you can read the whole story at The New York Times.