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SNL's President Trump plays America's Next Top Model with Jared Kushner and Stephen Bannon

Saturday Night Live set its sights on White House senior adviser Jared Kushner (host Jimmy Fallon) and chief strategist Stephen Bannon (Skeletor) in its cold open, skewering Kushner's apparent ascendency over Bannon in President Trump's affections.

"Jared, Steve, standing before me are my two top advisers," Alec Baldwin's Trump says to begin his America's Next Top Model-style elimination of one member of his staff, "but I only have one photo in my hand."

"Jared, you take the most beautiful photos. Steve, you take the worst photos I have ever seen in my life. And I'm not joking. When I see a photo of you, it makes me wanna puke," he continues. "Jared, I've sent you all around the world to represent me and no one has ever heard you speak. You're like a little Jewish Amelie. And Steve, you may be smart, but I once walked in on you eating a live pig in the Roosevelt Room."

Watch the full skit below to find out who has to go to the basement — and who gets to stay in the Oval Office. Bonnie Kristian