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Charlottesville is in a state of emergency as violence breaks out between white nationalists and counter-protesters

City and county officials in Charlottesville, Virginia, declared a state of emergency Saturday after violence broke out between white nationalist marchers and anti-racist counter-protesters in a city park. At least two people were injured as belligerents threw punches, paint-filled water balloons, urine, and water bottles; sprays believed to be mace and tear gas were also used by demonstrators.

The "Unite the Right" rally has assembled to protest Charlottesville's removal of statues commemorating Confederate figures like Gen. Robert E. Lee. Police issued an order to disperse before the event's official start time at noon, and an unknown number of protesters have been arrested.

Friday night, a smaller group of marchers assembled with torches on the University of Virginia campus chanting Nazi slogans in what Charlottesville's mayor called "a cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance." View scenes from Saturday's turmoil below. Bonnie Kristian