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the mooch is loose

The Mooch is back. And everyone is confused.

Anthony Scaramucci, whose tenure as White House communications director was famously shorter than the time it takes for milk to expire, announced Wednesday what his next venture will be: The Scaramucci Post. Unfortunately, at this point it is hard to say what, exactly, The Scaramucci Post is — the account's Twitter bio just says "coming soon" and its "website" is an Instagram where the only posted photo, aside from the publication's logo, is a screenshot of a Twitter poll.

#scaramucci #scaramuccipost #anthonyscaramucci #twitter #instagram #verified #verificationprocess #bluecheck. Visit @scaramuccipost on @twitter to vote in this #twitterpoll.

A post shared by ScaramucciPost (@scaramuccipost) on Sep 13, 2017 at 5:23am PDT

In case anyone understandably thinks this is some elaborate, first-class trolling, Scaramucci confirmed it is not:

Get ready … for something.