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Trump makes bewilderingly unnecessary promise to 'veto' single-payer health care

President Trump on Thursday reassured surely trembling Republicans that he "will veto" Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) single-payer health-care bill. Sanders introduced the legislation Wednesday with surprisingly solid backing from the Democratic caucus and to lots of media fanfare, but with almost zero chance of it ever passing Congress.

But Trump, puzzlingly, promised he would put an end to the whole affair from the Oval Office, seemingly implying he believes a bill advocating for a public health-care system paid for by higher taxes and managed at the federal level could: garner a majority of votes in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives; win 60 votes in the Senate, where the GOP controls 52 seats; and be agreed upon by both chambers, who propose it to him for a signature.

Either that, or he needs a little civics refresher, which we've provided below. Kimberly Alters