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Anthony Scaramucci vows to be the new voice of moderation in America

The Scaramucci Post has an Instagram, a Twitter account, and T-shirts, and soon it might even have an actual website, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci confirmed Wednesday. In what is possibly an iPhone video, Scaramucci pitched the concept for his news outlet to his followers as being a rare organization focused on "moderation."

"The Scaramucci Post is going to be about what is right and wrong in society right now as opposed to what is left and right," said Scaramucci, who once illustrated that he is "not Steve Bannon" by describing a particularly lewd anatomical impossibility over the phone to a New Yorker reporter.

Scaramucci added that the outlet will officially launch next week at his New York City restaurant, and that more details about the Post will be coming soon. "The Scaramucci Post is going to be the center lane in a two-lane highway," he promised.

If anyone doubts that a former White House official — however brief his tenure — could take an unbiased, moderate stance on his onetime boss, rest assured that Scaramucci has felt many different ways about Trump over the years. Trump is "a hack politician," Scaramucci told Fox Business Network in 2015. "I'll tell you who he's going to be president of — you can tell Donald I said this — the Queens County bullies association."

Learn more about The Scaramucci Post below. Jeva Lange