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Late night Tackles the government shutdown

Samantha Bee fingers the real culprit behind the #StephenMillerShutdown. (It's Stephen Miller.)

The brief government shutdown lasted only about 72 hours, "and after the biggest political crisis in days, politicians had one important question: Whose fault was it?" Samantha Bee said on Wednesday's Full Frontal. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.)? President Trump? Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)? "This shutdown passed quickly, but it only gets worse from here," she said. "A much uglier fight over immigration is going to play out in the coming weeks. Why has governing ground to halt over protections for DREAMers that 86 percent of Americans support? Believe it or not, the answer isn't entirely Trump."

Trump's immigration policies are as empty as his desk, Bee said. The details come from his "senior adviser and political smallpox blanket" Stephen Miller. "That's right — this isn't the #TrumpShutdown or the #SchumerShutdown, it's the #StephenMillerShutdown. Miller is Trump's immigration guy, and in the Trump White House, that is a powerful position." She ran through Miller's life story, from San Diego to the White House, with several bizarre screeds against janitors along the way. She threw in several derogatory and ad hominem remarks about his hairline.

In the White House, Miller has been "intimately involved in crafting Trump's scariest messages and creepiest positions, from the attempted Muslim ban to the refusal to reauthorize DACA," Bee said. Miller is clearly "the exact same racist a--hole he's been since childhood, but now he has the president's ear and the power to ruin thousands of people's lives," she added. "Schumer and McConnell better figure out a way to separate him from Trump before they're asked to pass the Janitor Immigration Bill of 2018." There is scattered NSFW language. Watch below. Peter Weber