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Tracy Morgan heckles Jimmy Fallon as he sings, demands 'River of Dreams' be about cookies

It turns out that Jimmy Fallon's alter-ego Peter is really good at writing hit songs, but gives up every time he's heckled — which is to say, every time he tries out a new tune on The Tonight Show. On Monday night the heckler was Tracy Morgan, who proved to be a little less prescient but no less persistent than Will Ferrell. He was happiest when he thought the long break in "The River of Dreams" was the end of the song, and he suggested repeatedly that Peter rewrite the song to be about cookies. In this version of the 1993 hit song's history, Peter sold the composition to Billy Joel (who, of course, wrote the song in real life). Watch the performance, the heckling, and the fantastical final explanation of what happened to the singer, the song, and the heckler below. Peter Weber