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family feud?

Why Bernie Sanders won't endorse his son

Bernie Sanders likes his son's platform for a New Hampshire congressional run. He just won't endorse him.

The Vermont senator notably neglected to endorse his son Levi Sanders in a race he seems likely to lose, as Levi lives at least an hour from the New Hampshire 1st District he's trying to represent, The Boston Globe notes. Many believe the elder Sanders doesn't want to tie this probable failure to a potential 2020 run, but Sanders had a very Bernie-esque explanation.

"Levi has spent his life in service to low income and working families, and I am very proud of all that he has done," he said in a statement to the Globe. "In our family, however, we do not believe in dynastic politics. Levi is running his own campaign in his own way."

And Levi Sanders has a clever way of distancing himself as well. "You know I'm not Bernie's son. I'm the son of Larry David's fourth cousin," he told the Globe.

Still, it's hard not to see this as a bern.