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Trump-Kim Summit

Trump will reportedly not mention human rights while meeting with Kim Jong Un

When President Trump sits down with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, he will have a one-track mind.

Trump has decided not to bring up human rights violations when he meets with Kim on Tuesday morning in Singapore, administration officials told NBC News.

The United Nations determined that North Korea has committed "unspeakable atrocities" in a 2014 investigation, finding similarities between Kim's totalitarian regime and that of Nazi Germany.

Trump previously told reporters that he "could" bring up North Korea's human rights record "maybe in great detail," but the focus of the historic summit has been on whether or not Kim will agree to denuclearize. Now, Trump has reportedly decided to make the entire meeting about nuclear weapons, and will opt not to demand human rights concessions in order to receive lessened economic sanctions from the U.S.

Lawmakers and officials have warned Trump that it would be a mistake to meet with Kim without bringing up his history of torture, executions, and the estimated 100,000 North Koreans who live in prison camps performing forced labor. Pyongyang's human rights violations have long been an obstacle for the U.S., and previous administrations have refused to lessen sanctions without improved conditions in North Korea. Read more at NBC News.