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Michael Cohen is reportedly just waiting to be arrested

Michael Cohen isn't in jail yet, but that might change in the next few days.

President Trump's personal lawyer apparently told friends he expects to be arrested pretty soon, both Vanity Fair and the New York Daily News report. The FBI raided Cohen's office in April, likely over some indirect connection to the Russia investigation. More questionable revelations, such as how Cohen sold a pharmaceutical company access to the president, have since come to light.

When Vanity Fair asked for comment, Cohen fiercely texted back, "Your alleged source is wrong!" Still, the possibility that Cohen will spill the Trump beans to spare himself from a conviction has the White House worried. "If anyone can blow up Trump, it's him," a former White House official told Vanity Fair.

With all the missteps Cohen has apparently made, it's a wonder he hasn't blown it up already.