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Space Race

China has big plans for its massive new rocket

China is looking to make its mark in space innovation.

Researchers are developing a rocket that would be more powerful than any U.S. spacecraft, Chinese state media reported Monday. Phys.org reports that the Long March-9 rocket, set to be complete by 2030, would be capable of delivering 140 tons into low orbit.

NASA's upcoming Space Launch System, meanwhile, aims to deliver 130 tons, and the Falcon Heavy from SpaceX launched 64 tons toward Mars earlier this year. China is reportedly hoping to surpass its American and European competitors, planning to spend billions of dollars developing its space programs.

The rocket, which would be the most powerful in the world if successfully built, would be used to explore deep space or to build a solar power plant. It could also be used to take humans to the moon, which China hopes to do soon.

Aside from the ultra-powerful rocket, China wants to build a space station by 2022, and will even try to build a base on the moon in the near future. Read more at Phys.org.