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2020 Democratic debates

Marianne Williamson rips Trump for 'state-sponsored crimes' at the border

Author Marianne Williamson during the second round of Democratic presidential debates on Thursday went after President Trump's immigration policies, hitting the administration for what she called "state-sponsored crimes."

"What Donald Trump has done to these children ... it is kidnapping," Williamson said. "If you forcibly take a child from their parents' arms. And if you take a lot of children and you put them in a detainment center, that's called child abuse. ... If your government does it, that doesn't make it less of a crime. These are state-sponsored crimes."

Williamson was just one of many Democratic candidates to tear into Trump's border policies during the Thursday night debate, with Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper saying before Williamson that taking "children from the arms of parents" and putting them "in cages" is "called kidnapping" and Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) saying there is "nothing [Trump] will not do to separate a family" and "cage a child." Brendan Morrow