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Late Night Tackles the Mueller hearings

Jimmy Kimmel found Mueller's testimony 'devastating' and shamed Trump's GOP enablers. Jimmy Fallon told jokes.

Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon recap Mueller's testimony

In his six hours of testimony on Wednesday, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller "seemed tired at times, he seemed older than I expected — anyone hoping for the Mueller of Dragons was disappointed," Jimmy Kimmel said on Wednesday's Kimmel Live. "He was pretty low-key, but what he said was devastating." The first devastating thing Mueller said was flatly denying he had exonerated Trump, and then "a poorly selected question from congressman Ken Buck made it clear that Trump might need to win in 2020 just to stay out of jail," he recapped. "And that's when you could hear Melania cheering loudly from down the block."

Then Kimmel got serious, pulling back to explain what happened Wednesday in the plain language Mueller declined to use. "The president very clearly obstructed the investigation of his campaign's ties to Russia," he began. "He tried to fire the guy running the investigation — his own White House lawyer, Don McGahn, testified to that. ... And on top of that, the president, both personally and through his people, tried to tamper with witnesses and lied about it."

"He did these things!" Kimmel said. "He welcomed Russian interference in our election, and tried to get the people who knew about it to shut up, and our Republican representatives in Congress, they know he did this, they know the president of the United States tried to stop this investigation, they just don't care. All they care about is how they'll be received on Fox News. ... They were more interested in attacking the guy who investigated the foreign enemy meddling in our election than the guy who actually meddled with that foreign enemy." He named three congressmen "who care more about their side winning than they care about this country."

The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon had jokes. "Mueller said the reason that he couldn't charge Trump with a crime was because he can't indict a sitting president," he said. "That's why for the last 12 hours, Trump's been afraid to get up from the couch." Fallon suggested the hearings changed few minds, and then Steve Higgins grilled him, congressman-style, slyly slipping in a shout-out to one of Stephen Colbert's punchlines. Watch below. Peter Weber