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Late Night Tackles Trump versus Democrats

Jimmy Kimmel mocks Trump's 'meltdown' fight with Pelosi, 'insane and ineffective' letter to Turkey

"President Trump had a very difficult day today," Jimmy Kimmel said on Wednesday's Kimmel Live. "He had a meeting with Democrats at the White House, he lashed out at Nancy Pelosi" and had what the House speaker described as "a meltdown — which, is it even really a meltdown anymore? Trump didn't have a meltdown, he had a Wednesday. There's nothing left to melt." Nevertheless, he added, "the president doesn't this idea the people know he had a meltdown, so he tweeted a photo from the meeting," Kimmel said. That didn't go well, either.

The meeting was supposed to be about Syria, Kimmel said, and "Trump now is stuck," facing strong bipartisan blowback because "he basically gave the president of Turkey a green light to kill these people we promised to protect," the Kurds, but he won't admit he's wrong. "So today he tried to do damage control," he said. "The White House released a letter — this is a letter written by Trump to his strongman buddy President Erdogan — and I'm not sure what this was supposed to prove, other than he's crazy, but this is a real letter from the president of the United States, we did not alter this in any way."

Kimmel read through the letter, adding some commentary, then noted that Trump sent it on Oct. 9, and "Erdogan immediately sent his tanks across the border, so it was insane and ineffective, which is the art of the deal." He imagined JFK writing a similar letter to the Soviet premier during the Cuban missile crisis. Watch below. Peter Weber