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historical comparisons pt. 2

GOP congressman compares Trump's impeachment to Pearl Harbor

President Trump's impeding impeachment is now not only being compared to Jesus' crucifixion, but Pearl Harbor, too.

The latest hyperbolic analogy to emerge from Wednesday's impeachment debate came from Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Penn.), who opened his remarks by noting all of the "great dates" that there are in December like Christmas and the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

"But also, on Dec. 7, 1941, a horrific act happened in the United States, and it's one that President Roosevelt said, 'this is a date that will live in infamy," Kelly said. "Today, December the 18th, 2019, is another date that will live in infamy."

This came just about a half hour after Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) compared Trump's impeachment to Jesus' crucifixion, saying that "Pontius Pilate afforded more rights to Jesus than the Democrats have afforded this president."

For those keeping track at home, this means Trump and his defenders have in the past 24 hours compared the impeachment vote to Pearl Harbor, Jesus' crucifixion, and the Salem Witch Trials, with the president writing in his blistering letter yesterday that "more due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials" than to him.

Plenty more impeachment debate remains, leaving room for even more absurd comparisons before the vote is held this evening. Brendan Morrow