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the coronavirus crisis

White House has 'violated all 5 core principles' of U.S. coronavirus strategy, former homeland security adviser says

President Trump's former Homeland Security Adviser Thomas Bossert has made it clear he has his old boss's best interests at heart while he remains hospitalized for COVID-19, but he still told The Washington Post it "needs to be pointed out" that the president and his top administration officials have been flouting coronavirus guidelines, which seemingly led to an outbreak in the White House this past week.

"At this point, the president and senior people around him have violated all five core principles of the country's coronavirus strategy," Bossert said. "I do not wish to be perceived as criticizing him while he is in this condition, but that needs to be pointed out. I am praying for his full recovery."

Writes the Post, Bossert said Trump and his team failed to avoid large gatherings, socially distance, wear masks, and isolate or quarantine themselves after coming into contact with people who had contracted the virus. Read more at The Washington Post.