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impeachment round 2

Trump impeachment trial's 2nd day opens with warning of 'graphic and disturbing' videos

The second day of former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial began on Wednesday with a warning for parents and teachers about "graphic and disturbing" videos set to be shown.

House impeachment managers on Wednesday began making their case for convicting Trump for incitement of insurrection, and they reportedly plan to make use of previously-unseen footage from the Capitol riot. At the start of the trial's second day, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) offered a warning for those who might be watching with children that some clips will be disturbing.

"The insurrection brought shocking violence, bloodshed, and pain in the nation's capitol, and we will be showing relevant clips of the mob's attack on police officers and other innocent people," Raskin warned. "We do urge parents and teachers to exercise close review of what young people are watching here, and please watch along with them if you're allowing them to watch. The impeachment managers will try to give warnings before the most graphic and disturbing violence that took place is shown."

During the first day of Trump's impeachment trial, Raskin showed a graphic video montage of the Capitol riot, which included disturbing footage of a woman being shot and killed in the attack. During their arguments on Tuesday, impeachment managers plan to show new Capitol security footage from the day of the riot, CNN reports.

Following Raskin's warning at the start of Wednesday's arguments, The New York Times' James Poniewozik wrote, "Not every day you see a congressional proceeding start with a parental advisory warning for graphic violence." Brendan Morrow