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The gun Kyle Rittenhouse used in Kenosha shootings will be destroyed

The assault-style rifle used by Kyle Rittenhouse during racial justice protests in Wisconsin will be destroyed, Kenosha Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger said Friday, per CNN.

The gun "will not be in anyone's possession," Binger said.

In November, Rittenhouse was acquitted of homicide charges after killing two people and shooting another during Kenosha racial justice protests in 2020. He had earlier this month asked the court to release his gun so he could properly destroy it, CNN notes, per a document filed by his attorney. 

Rittenhouse worried if he did not destroy the gun, someone could profit off it, adds the Chicago Tribune, per Rittenhouse's lawyer. The rest of the items seized when he was arrested were returned to him earlier this week.

Video proof will be provided to all parties upon the gun's destruction, Axios adds.