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the war in cyberspace

Websites for Ukrainian parliament and other institutions brought down by cyberattack

Ukraine suffered another round of cyberattacks on Wednesday as it prepared to declare a state of emergency in the face of increasing Russian aggression, The New York Times reported.

According to the Times, "the websites of many of Ukraine's institutions, including Parliament, the Foreign Ministry and the cabinet of ministers, were brought down by a distributed denial-of-service attack, known as DDoS," and several of the sites remained down by Wednesday evening.

Last week, hackers targeted the Ukrainian military and the country's two largest banks. Russia denied responsibility for the attacks.

In January, Microsoft detected a dangerous malware infection in dozens of government and private Ukrainian computer networks. Ukrainian officials said at the time they had evidence linking the attacks to Russia, but a Kremlin spokesperson accused Ukraine of "blaming everything on Russia."

According to The Washington Post, American businesses have also "been warned to prepare for possible cyberattacks" by Russian actors in response to U.S. sanctions announced Tuesday.