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SNL's Fox and Friends interviews an 'ObamaCare survivor'

SNL's Fox and Friends interviews an 'ObamaCare survivor'

Now that ObamaCare has hit its target of enrolling 7 million people in health insurance plans, how are the folks over at Fox and Friends taking the news? According to Saturday Night Live's version of the Fox morning crew, they're still struggling to figure out the math of it all and, as always, treating the law as a deadly disaster.

In a segment Saturday, SNL's incarnation of the chipper trio brought on an "ObamaCare survivor," played by host Anna Kendrick, to talk about her struggles with the law. "My boss down at the restaurant said everybody had to have health care," Kendrick said. "Well, I'm no good at computers, so I had a few drinks and the next thing I know my boss has got himself stabbed with a fork and I'm out of a job."

also poked fun at Fox's recent trouble graphically depicting ObamaCare's enrollment numbers, displaying a chart that falsely implied the law had not actually reached its enrollment goal:

Last week, the real Fox televised a chart that conveniently skewed the Y axis to make it seem as if ObamaCare was failing miserably when in fact it was not. The network ultimately apologized and aired a more realistic version of the same chart.