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Watch tuxedo-clad Channing Tatum sing 'Happy' to a fan with brain cancer

Magic Mike/Facebook

Channing Tatum has jumped on the 'Happy' cover bandwagon. The Magic Mike star recently posted a short video on Facebook dedicated to a 18-year-old fan Alisa Fanely, who is battling a severe form of brain cancer.

The Kansas girl has "kissing Channing Tatum" on top of her bucket list, and although she might not get that, she received something just as adorable. "Just wanted to send you a little vid and say what's up and hope you're doing good today," Tatum said, before cutting to a clip of him at the Oscars singing a snippet of 'Happy.'

Tatum cocluded: "Just know that you're loved and that we're givin' you a big ole kiss from over here." --Jordan Valinsky

Post by Alisa's Butterflies.