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SNL's Melania Trump gets advice from Jackie O, Hillary Clinton, Martha Washington, and Michelle Obama

First ladies skit on SNL

"Oh, I don't belong as first lady," moans Saturday Night Live's Melania Trump (Cecily Strong) at the prospect of attending President Trump's State of the Union address. "I wish I could talk to someone who's been through this whole mess before."

Her wish is granted by the materialization of former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (host Natalie Portman), who arrives dressed in a perfect pillbox hat and fully prepared to dispense her hard-won wisdom on how to handle presidents who cheat. "You're not the only first lady whose husband had affairs," Jackie says, referring to Trump's acknowledged and alleged infidelities. "Jack cheated on me with Marilyn Monroe."

Melania isn't quite sold on the comparison, but soon she gets additional advice from other former first ladies: a smug Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon), an ax-wielding Martha Washington (Aidy Bryant), and a triumphant Michelle Obama (Leslie Jones), whose "perfect" marriage is just "like The Notebook, but black and rich." Watch the full sketch below. Bonnie Kristian