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Late Night Tackles Brett Kavanaugh

Jimmy Kimmel slips his celebrity feud with Matt Damon into the Brett Kavanaugh saga

After Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's testimony last week, "it was really hard to enjoy a beer this weekend," Jimmy Kimmel joked on Monday's Kimmel Live. Kavanaugh's testimony contained some iffy statements, like his definitions for "'Devil's Triangle' and "boofing," Kimmel said. "So if the FBI has Google, this could be very bad news for Brett Kavanaugh. There is some confusion over what the scope of the investigation will be. There are reports that the FBI's been put on a very short leash, but Donald Trump says the FBI has free rein — of course he says the same thing about Melania, and she's in Africa now, so."

"Kavanugh's testimony rubbed a lot of people the wrong way," Kimmel said, dragging in his most famous celebrity feud. "In fact, he was so unlikable, Saturday Night Live had no choice but to cast the most repugnant actor in the world to play him over the weekend. What a surprise that Matt Damon would have no other plans on a Saturday."

In defending Kavanaugh's downplaying of his drinking history, Trump joked that if he himself drank, he'd "be the world's worst," but Kimmel wasn't convinced. "I don't know, maybe he'd be better — it's worth a shot," he said. "By the way, I think it's worth mentioning that this guy who's never had a drink in his life had his own brand of vodka, with his name on it. Kinda all you need to know about him."

"Whether or not Judge Kavanaugh gets confirmed — and let's be honest, he probably will — he is preceded by a long line of men who've been accused of bad behavior, men who don't even seem to understand when they've done something wrong, and it's something that powerful men have been struggling with for many years. And now, at long last now, there is hope." The side effects of "Denietol" are pretty harrowing, though. Watch below. Peter Weber